Design Consultant Stefanie's Takes on Bathroom Remodels

Stefanie Smith is our design consultant here at Toledo New Bath. Stefanie has years of experience in a variety of designs for home remodeling projects. Recently, she has been focused on our customers here at Toledo New Bath. She has enough experience to be considered an “expert” but is young enough that she brings tremendous knowledge and fresh ideas to a bathroom remodel. Here are some excerpts from a recent interview with Stefanie.

Question: What is the most popular color for a bathroom?

Stefanie’s Take: Believe it or not, the color white is extremely popular! It gives all bathrooms, particularly older ones, that fresh, sanitary, clean look. Approximately 60% of the bathrooms we remodel choose a white acrylic shower base and white walls with either a pattern or flat surface.

The second and third most popular colors are Silver Marble White and Travertine. Silver Marble is a light gray color with a nice marbling in the color. It serves as a beautiful contrast for a white shower base or tub. Likewise, the Travertine has very aesthetically pleasing tan marbling that also serves as a nice contract to an acrylic white tub or shower base. These and our other color options are terrific upgrades to your bathroom and will make you proud of your bathroom wet area.

Question: What is the most popular design for wall patterns?

Stefanie’s Take: As I mentioned before, flat white walls are extremely popular. While all of our acrylic walls are very easy to clean (I’ll address that later), flat white walls are the easiest. Because of this feature, many customers select flat white walls.

The subway tile pattern is also very popular. Many of the high hotels use this pattern in their hotel rooms. The third most popular pattern is the 12” x 12” slate pattern. This pattern is modeled after the 12” x 12” design that has been used over the years for bathroom and kitchen flooring. Definitely an “oldie but a goodie”.

Question: What are the most popular accessories on a tub to shower conversion?

Stefanie’s Take: The first decision a customer needs to make after the acrylic selection is to pick the style of their accessories and faucet package. Most common is chrome accessories by Delta or Moen. The package is faucet, overflow cap, drain spud, faucet handles, and a handheld sprayer.

Other designs for the same accessories can include black, oil-rubbed bronze, or brushed nickel. All of these high quality selections should be chosen in conjunction with your colors for your walls and tub. The last selection is usually a four shelf, two shelf, or single shower caddy. These are easy add-ons and usually match tub and wall colors.

Please contact us at Toledo New Bath for more bathroom ideas from Stefanie! We will be posting more updates monthly so stay tuned.