Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is a Toledo New Bath bathtub liner?

A. The Toledo New Bath Bathtub Liner is a brand new bathtub that is completely manufactured from a beautiful impact-resistant acrylic that is made to fit perfectly over your old bathtub.

Q. How are you able to match my old bathtub?

A. We thermoform an exact duplicate of your bathtub from an inventory of over 1000 bathtub liner molds to create a watertight fit.

Q. How thick is your acrylic insert liner?

A: At 3/8 inch it is the thickest in the industry.

Q. Do I have to remove tiles?

A. No! As long as tiles are secure with no water damage, our Toledo New Bath wall system can be installed directly over your existing tile, cultured marble, or corian.

Q. Why shouldn't I just replace my steel or cast iron bathtub?

A. Replacements can by time consuming, which can be quite an inconvenience if you have only one bathroom in your home. It can also involve disturbing the plumbing, tile and flooring. The process can take up to three to five days.

Q: Are your installers employees or sub-contractors?

A. All our installers are employees of Toledo New Bath and have an average of 9 years experience in complete bathroom installation.

Q. What if my bathtub is made of fiberglass or if I want a shower base rather then a bathtub?

A. We have different options of replacement tubs and shower bases. With the Toledo New Bath system this avoids disturbing your existing plumbing, flooring, and wallpaper.

Q. Why not re-glaze or repaint my old bathtub?

A. Repeat applications are needed every one to three years due to cracking, peeling and discoloration.

Q. How is a Toledo New Bath Wall Surround Systems different from "wall kits"?

A. Do-it-yourself "wall kits" can be difficult to install since they are a one size fits all material which is manufactured from an inexpensive paper-thin material. Toledo New Bath, acrylic wall systems are custom to fit your existing wall space.

Q. Toledo New Bath 3 piece wall system vs. 1 piece wall system?

A. The three piece wall system is custom cut onsite to fit your walls top to bottom. It is also made to extend outside and in front of the tub to create a secure waterproof finish with no seams. The one piece wall system has a tendency to crack in the corners due to expansion and contraction. It also becomes more then a one piece system when you want to extend your walls to the ceiling or floor in front of the tub. Moldings are required to add additional pieces.

Q. How is the 3 piece wall system waterproof?

A. Toledo New Bath has an exclusive patented sealant called Thermal Expansion Sealant. This allows the three piece wall system to expand and contract as needed with temperature change in your shower area.

Q. Who will do the installation?

A. Our factory trained & experienced certified installers.

Q. How long will it last?

A. With proper care, the durable acrylic finish will keep its high-glass beauty indefinitely. It is guaranteed for life to not crack, fade, chip, peel or dent.

Q. Is it easy to clean and maintain?

A. Toledo New Bath products are non-porous so they are very easy to clean.

Q. What do I use to clean it?

A. Many non-abrasive cleaners that are available at your local retailer can be used. See the Approved Cleaning List.

Q. What if I have a question not on this list?

A. Contact / Visit Us and your question will be directed to the appropriate team member.