Volmar Family Story

Remodeling Bathrooms For 3 Generations


In January of 1971 Joe Volmar Sr. opened the family original kitchen business. Born in Germany the business was built on the meticulous German craftsmanship which Joe Sr. passed on to his sons and grandsons. Joe had four sons, Mark, Paul, Eric, and Kurt, all who joined the business as teenagers in the late 1970s. In 1985, Joe semi-retired and turned over the reins of the company to his four sons. In 1991, the family made the decision to sell the ultra successful company, always known for its pristine quality, to outside interests. After working with the new venture for five years, Paul Volmar decided to open a new business focusing on custom bathroom remodeling, and acrylic tub-liners and wall systems.

Kurt Volmar joined the business in 1997.

Toledo New-Bath & Kitchen is the result of Volmar family work, ethics, unmatched craftsmanship, and pride. Unfortunately, the names and faces have changed over the years. The Volmar family has endured many untimely and premature deaths over the last 15 years. Joe, Eric, Mark, and Kurt have all passed away from heart attacks, from Eric in 1995 to Kurt, most recently in 2010. Marks son Brian, a third generation Volmar, was killed in a car accident in 2007. Paul Volmar, now retired, remains involved in Toledo New-Bath & Kitchen as a consultant to the current management team. Fortunately for the family, Joe Sr. and his four sons were always passing along and instilling their company and family values to their sons. As a result, Scott Volmar, Paul's son, and Joe Volmar, Eric's son, have taken on management responsibilities here at Toledo New-Bath & Kitchen. Joe and Scott continue to deliver top quality sales, service, product, installation, and continue to carry on Joe Volmar's legacy. Indeed Joe Volmar was a visionary businessman with an impeccable reputation and has passed those values down to the third generation, which makes Toledo New-Bath what it is today!

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