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Bath Needs For Changing Seasons

As fall approaches and we see the leaves changing colors and falling from the trees, it is a reminder of how quickly a season can change! Once the leaves are detached from the trees, they slowly began to wither and dry up because they are no longer supported by the strength of the tree.

Just like the Fall and Winter season, we must remind ourselves that our situation can change just as quickly as well. So the first thing that comes to mind is Safety! A fall can occur at anytime and just as quickly as the leaves change colors and fall from the trees, one slip and fall in our bathroom can change our life as we know it suddenly! With Toledo New-Bath, we offer safe and affordable solutions to your bathroom needs and affordable ways to keep you in your home longer and safer!

Our walk-in tubs, showers, conversions, grab bars and safety seats are just some of the products we offer our customers. We also have two showrooms where you can come and see all our products that we have and try them out.

During this changing season, our first priority is offering ways to keep you safe and staying in your home longer. No one wants to think about leaving their home, the place they feel comfortable in and being forced into an uncomfortable place they do not want to be, BUT one slip and fall unexpectedly, could be like the fallen leaves and change your life as you know it forever! Bathrooms are the number one most important room in your home that should be equipped with all the safety features available so you can have a peace of mind that when bathing you are in a safe surrounding.

At Toledo New-Bath, our experienced and knowledgeable sales people as well as installers care about giving the best customer service and meeting all your bathroom needs. That is why we have two showrooms available for your convenience to come in and browse our products and speak with our friendly and helpful sales assistants.

So call us now or come visit me, Linda, your Senior Safety Specialist, at our Reynolds Rd. location and I will be happy to assist you and show you all the products we offer to help keep you safe and in your home longer!

Give us a call today for a free consultation. 419-470-8821