Meet Toledo New Bath Elite Remodel Consultants!

Experience, Experience, Experience! We Have Been Remodeling Bathrooms For Nearly 50 Years

Joe Vollmar, Bennett Showroom Location

Joe Volmar

3rd generation Volmar

Joe has been working in bathrooms since he was 5 years old. Born and raised in Toledo, Ohio, He enjoys hockey in his spare time.

Tony Garzony, Owner

Tony Garzony

  • Owner
  • MBA, CPA

Tony is a father of three boys. He is born and raised in Bowling Green, Ohio. Tony enjoys boating, motorcycling and all sports.

Steve Miller, Reynolds Road Showroom

Steve Miller

Sales Representative

Steve recently joined out team from a National competitor. He was attracted to us because of the local nature of our business. In the past years he ranked as their number 1 salesman and we are very lucky to have him on our team. Steve’s enthusiasm and personality are magnetic.

Laura Nichols, Sales Associate

Laura Nichols

Sales Associate

Specializes in interior design. Has her own design company. Her husband is a pastor of a local church. Proud mother of 4 children.

Linda Anderson, Senior Safety Specialist

Linda Anderson

Senior Safety Specialist

Linda is always in a good mood and very active in her church. She really enjoys customer contact, designing and solving problems in your bathroom!

Mark, Sales Consultant


Sales Consultant

Mark is a certified senior safety specialist. He is factory trained and has a significant health care and senior assistance background. A lifelong Toledoan he enjoys both watching and participating in sports.

Jerry Tillman, Service Manager

Jerry Tillman

Service Manager

Jerry works with us part-time and enjoys his retirement and is an avid golfer, boater and general good guy.

John Gawle, Warehouse Manager

John Gawle

Warehouse Manager

Recently hired, John loves landscaping and yard work.

Robert Cantu, Warehouse

Robert Cantu


Robert is our warehouseman. He works with us part-time. He's great, very organized an a valuable member of the team.

Ray Toda, Maintenance

Ray Toda


Ray is a tireless worker and takes care of all of the landscaping and grounds for both showrooms.

Justin Coleman, Head Installer

Justin Coleman

Head Installer

Justin is our most experience installer, and has been with the company for nearly 20 years. Justin is a proud father and grandfather and enjoys his time with his family.

Chris Wgienka, Installer

Chris Wgienka


Chris has been installing bathrooms for over 15 years. He travels from southern Michigan to work for us. He is without a doubt our most efficient installer.

Russell Meinicke, Installer

Russell Meinicke


Russell has vast experience in all areas of home remodeling. Also, an avid motorcycle rider with an affinity towards Harley Davidsons.

John Shock, Installer

John Shock


Employee for 12 years, avid motorcycle rider “Loves his Harley.” John is a gentle giant. He is 6’6” and 290lbs. You will not meet a nicer guy!

Keith Blackeman, Installer

Keith Blackeman


Keith has been involved with our company for nearly 20 years. His son recently started with him to assist in installations.

Aalen Martin, Installer

Aalen Martin


Aalen has become a very versatile member of the team. He is capable of installations and service calls.

Brutus, Head of Security


Head of Security